패션과 쥬얼리를 기반으로 다양한 아트작업물을 보여주고 있는 GOLDEN CHIX의 김순미는 단 하나만의 특별함을 모토로 컨셉슈얼한 작업활동을 하고있다. 

Based on fashion and jewellery, GOLDEN CHIX's artist Soonmi Kim presents a variety of art works, and is doing conceptual work activity with the motto of only one special.

Collect ideas and Create one & only special !


Born 1982, Daegu, South Korea 

2000~2003 Fashion design department BA, Kyungil University, Daegu, South Korea  

2004~2005 Central Saint Martins Fashion-folio Short course, London, UK 

2005~2008 Jewellery department BA, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium 

2009~2016 Launching jewellery brand 'GOLDEN CHIX’ 2009~2018 Collaboration with Fashion Brands 

2011~2018  Visual director & Custom-made for K-POP artists

2013 TOP Media, Visual director 

2016~2018 CLEODIA jewellery, Chief designer 

2019~ Art direction & Custom-made for K-POP artists


2008 Seoul Fashion Week 10/11 AW - Seoul Fashion Fair,                      Korea 

2010 Seoul Fashion Week 2011 SS - Seoul Fashion Fair, Korea 2017 HKTDC, Hongkong International Jewellery Fair, HK 

          On Time Show 17FW, Shanghai, China 

          China Indie Brand Fair 17FW, Seoul, Korea 

2018 CIBE, China International Beauty Expo, Shanghai, China